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February 25th, 2014
When you own a business, providing safe parking for your visitors is crucial.  It is even more important to have appropriate parking areas for customers with physical disabilities, and in most cases,
February 25th, 2014
Curb painting is an often-overlooked addition to your business parking areas.  It adds visual interest and providing safety for your customers.  Linear Striping, Inc. can help you refresh your old p
September 26th, 2012
On an almost daily basis, we drive into a parking lot or some other type of parking facility. We search for an empty spot, gingerly pull in, and get out of the car without ever thinking about how the

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Linear Striping, Inc. is the San Diego area’s premier parking lot painting and repair firm. Since our start in 1990 in the San Diego asphalt repair and parking lot striping industry, we’ve built our reputation on quality and our commitment to customer service excellence. Our expertise in creating safe, well-organized parking areas can help your business stand out from the competition and help keep your customers happy. That positive first impression is important for your site visitors, and that helps build your business. Let our experts help you find the perfect solution for your company’s parking needs.


Linear Striping, Inc. has helped dozens of businesses with their parking lot needs. In over 20 years since the establishment of our company, our work has been completed at condominium and apartment developments, retail establishments, office parks, and many other locations that benefitted from the expert design and quality installation our professional teams offer. Our work units are flexible, too, and can help you design and implement the perfect parking solution for your business needs. Whether you have 10 spaces or 1000, Linear Striping, Inc. is here to help. We can finish off new construction with our curb painting, handicap painting, and sign installation services. For existing businesses, our expert installers can rejuvenate a tired old parking area with our full-service asphalt repair and parking lot striping. Our installations are designed to stand the test of time, as we use only the best materials and processes to complete our work.

One of the aspects we are most proud of is our expertise with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and compliance with those regulations. As those regulations evolve, our experts stay abreast of changes to ensure our striping work meets ADA compliance and also meets all San Diego, local, state, and Federal regulations. This is just another way Linear Striping, Inc. takes your job seriously; our care in ensuring your parking lot meets all regulatory guidelines can help your business avoid expensive fines and legal issues.


Linear Striping, Inc. is proud to offer a wide range of services for all aspects of your parking lot needs. Our complete packages include everything required to prepare the work area and to complete it with clean, precise work. If areas need sand or shot blasting to remove old coatings and painted lines, those processes are included. This is our way of showing our customers that we’re committed to completing our jobs with precision. Take a look at some of the services we offer:

Parking Lot Striping: Parking areas are divided into spaces by stripes. Also, efficient traffic flow depends on the lot’s layout. Linear Striping, Inc. excels in parking lot striping, helping to create efficient use of space and eliminating confusion on the part of your site visitors. We use only quality coatings and application processes to make sure our striping looks and performs perfectly, giving your parking areas a crisp, professional appearance. We can mark individual spaces, line out no-parking areas, or provide linework to ensure proper traffic flow, in addition to any other markings your parking area requires. Learn more.

Sign and Post Installation: Signs add the finishing touches to any parking area. And, the extra information signs provide can help guide your site visitors, providing additional safety. Our expert crews install the appropriate signage for your parking needs, along with the posts to support those signs. Signs and other markings may be required for code compliance, and our professionals can help you determine what is needed for your facility. Learn more.

Parking Lot Stencils and Markings: Parking lot markings and stencils add visual appeal to your lot, and give more information to your site visitors. You can highlight important company people by marking spaces just for them, or perhaps designate spaces for expectant mothers or similar groups. Linear Striping, Inc. only uses the finest materials and processes to create stencils in sizes to fit your application perfectly. Your imagination is the only limit with our fully customized stencils. We can also apply thermoplastic lane markers, crosswalk guides, and more. Learn more.

Handicap Painting: Providing spaces for the physically disabled is not only the right thing to do, it is often required by local, state, and Federal laws. Linear Striping, Inc. excels at all aspects of San Diego handicap painting and the signs needed to designate spaces for disabled visitors. Our work is fully ADA compliant and provides safe spaces for your customers with disabilities. Our design experts stay abreast of regulatory changes to ensure our work is compliant with current guidelines. Learn more.

Curb Painting: Refreshing old, tired paint on curbs adds visual appeal and helps guide customers with parking. We prepare surfaces for painting by hand-scraping loose paint, power washing or sandblasting to ensure the new coatings adhere. Linear Striping, Inc. only uses the finest coatings to provide long-lasting durability in all weather conditions. Learn more.

Asphalt Repair: Over time, asphalt can be damaged due to environmental effects, root damage, or wear from traffic. The key to ensuring your parking lot looks and performs well starts with the overall condition of the paved surfaces themselves. At Linear Striping, Inc., we repair damaged asphalt surfaces using only the best techniques and processes to ensure those repairs will last, even in high-traffic applications. We use patching, hot crack fill, and seal coating methods to repair the damage where appropriate. Learn more.

Contact Linear Striping, Inc. today by calling us or contacting us via our website. A fast and free estimate with our design team is but a call away! We’re proud to able to help your company with your parking lot needs.